Slava Ukraini!


"impact" is the official amd most used font for 'top text bottom text' memes


damned doge enemies gamer hacker impact kid lag noob of souls teamate text the worst // 1080x886 // 403.6KB apocalypse city desolation destroyed destruction didn't fight foo foo_fighters if impact ruined ruins text // 700x697 // 553.5KB christianity cross crucifixion impact jesus kite red roman romans rome soldier soldiers sucks text this yellow // 480x325 // 18.6KB bitch chad drugs friendzone fucking gamer gentleman harley harley_quinn impact jock joint joker love mr_j nice_guy quinn roach spliff ten text the_joker this_could_be_us times veronica weed // 888x499 // 84.2KB impact skeletor text // 261x202 // 11.5KB down impact it jew shut text walkie-talkie // 600x929 // 70.9KB actor beach hi impact long neck stretched swimsuit text undies // 530x720 // 75.8KB asked be font fuck hate i impact is one text the to water what who // 630x599 // 40.6KB furry fursuit impact navy news spongebob squidward text // 622x660 // 63.1KB apocalypse burning cheems evangelion goofing impact little nge text tsunami // 1080x1090 // 535.7KB british impact text trollface we_do_a_little_trolling // 1079x1162 // 372.0KB check friends help impact killdozer libright need political_compass text welding // 1079x1041 // 401.3KB 18 british dog doge heist impact money quid text // 1079x938 // 468.2KB apache_helicopter daughter dog doge faggot funny gender gun hilarious identify impact incel political_compass respect sexually slave text trade trans trans_rights // 1000x1090 // 129.3KB bad bowcer bowser for impact low_res quality sorry text // 1079x1081 // 439.9KB dvi femboy fox fursona impact language:lithuanian ostapenko puses text // 546x500 // 31.6KB around be copy dna do impact man nucleus own runnin saying text thing your yourself // 1078x1002 // 581.4KB guys happy impact insane low_res ok sad squidward text void // 1079x964 // 336.2KB fish impact looking_at_viewer partner project science text // 1078x1039 // 424.4KB 8bit_sunglasses cheems eat eat_it fire gun impact it jalapeno mexican pepper pointing_at_viewer text // 1080x613 // 307.1KB eye_drops found good gorilla gorilla_suoer_glue impact more text // 1019x1016 // 369.9KB dog doge hi impact petition postal sign text // 960x960 // 82.3KB bed cash fighter impact job me mma paid retarded stacks text this // 1200x1139 // 141.6KB beast doctor gun guns hardcore_skeleton impact morbid morbidly obese revolver text // 1079x961 // 228.7KB
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